Ritesh Kumar

Pen is mightier than the sword, but not so much as the eyes reading what it scripts



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Centuries ago, the ancient war of the alchemists threatened the harmony of the land. Zorback, the reigning captain of the Alchemists of Death, desiring forbidden knowledge and immortality, waged war against humanity. Desperate to defend the spirit of the world, called the Core, the opposing faction of Alchemists sacrificed their lives and created a spiritual shield that split the world in two- one half decaying under the influence of elemental corruption while the other resurrecting itself from the war’s aftermath.

Present day, the tainted half threatens to engulf all that remains. One Alchemist, Balthier of Earth, is resurrected by the Core in order to restore balance to the world. The legendary warrior returns to an age suffering from economic, political and environmental crises. With the name of Alchemists wiped out by tides of time, he must find the prophesied last Alchemist and brings nations together before the shield crumbles and the corruption consumes what’s left of a breaking world.


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A hosted games LLC, 150000 words interactive novel where your choices control the story. It's entirely text-based--without graphics or sound effects--and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

As the Weaver of your chosen element and master of art of war, you are tasked to accompany and protect the princess of a nation in her pilgrimage. It doesn’t take you long to figure out that there is more to pilgrimage than what meets the eye and you need to be prepared to face the rising armies, scorned queens and deceitful allies. This is a story where you need to keep your enemies close and your allies closer as you dive headfirst into the world of deceit, vengeance and trickery, where no one but you and you alone can be trusted.

Will you prefer to support the rebel weavers, support the innocents or pave your own path? Will you eliminate your enemies, ally them, or seduce them? Will you thrive to master your elemental powers or become a master swordsman? Will you rather become the master strategist of the age or will you become a respected leader driving armies to battle front? Who do you trust among your allies and who do you become vary of? Choose your path. Tell your own tale.

book 2 of core chronicles

With cavity widening and the shield weakening, time is running out for Balthier as Zorback prepares for Siege of Ishara. Desperate, Balthier reaches out to remnants of lost Alchemists in order to reunite and put up a front to defend the world against corruption while a dreaded foe from his past returns to hunt him down.

Leo, the prophesied Alchemist, struggles within himself. Conflicted between duty to the Core and oath of Vengeance, he must find the right balance and aid Balthier in his hours of need before the war breaks-out and Ishara burns under the wrath of the Dark Alchemists.

Ragnorite. The gifts from Gods or the Venom of Dryad?

This exotic substance is not only the gift that made life sustainable in nebula system but also the curse that mutated mankind and drove them into eternal conflict of racism and exploitation.

As ragnorite depletion becomes the prominent worry of the generation, the Imperium started invoking the covenant to mass recruit universal talent for unknown reasons.Planets are pit against each other for procuring resources and endorse war economy.

In this world of war and chaos, a diverse but unlikely group of individuals is brought together by fate under the leadership of Rahvin and ace pilot Athrun as they embark on a mission tothe galactic prison called Darken. Their purpose is to help the princess of Jurican find her cardinal father and at the same time locate the alternate fuel to rangnorite known as the celestial stone.

Now it is up to Athrun to decide whether he would help the girl he loves locate her father or find the stone that could potentially end all conflict. A choice that either way would put him into the heat of galactic warfare.

It has been ten years since the so-called college buddies got together in their old joint and gossiped about their achievements and reminisced their past. An attempt to reunite old friends turned sour when an unidentified bag holding ten crore rupees in cash drops amidst celebration.

Driven by the lust of money or forced by the lack of it, the friends face emotions and conflicts that they never believed existed. Would they betray and turn against each other to take what they desperately desired or would they nurture their diminishing friendship and stand together to fight the temptation? It’s a choice that they must make before time runs out and the notorious owner of the bag hunts them down, one by one.