Realm of the Core


Here is a glimpse at the geography of the Realm of the Core. While most events in the story occur in the south-east, the book does show glimpses of what is happening around the world.

Here are few of the cities, nations and landmarks which perhaps will make you more interested in reading the story and relate more to the world.

The Core :

The spirit of the world. It channels the elements of earth, fire, wind and water, known as the elements of creation. The spirit of world itself is composed of two halves. Element of life, element that heals and feeds the planet and Element of death, the element that drives the cycle of life by disrupting the elements and restoring balance.

Mount Hellion :

The source of corruption that pollutes the elements, making them incapable of sustaining life. Mount Hellion disrupts the cycle of life and corrupts all life forms but at the same time provide Alchemists powers and immortality.

The shield :

The elemental shield created from the sacrifice of thousands of alchemists as a final attempt to keep web of corruption away from the Core.

Temple Of Oracle :

Temple of prophecy. It is believed to possess one of the vestiges of Alchemy capable of showing future to all those who seek it.

Ishara :

The nation of wardens that protect the world from creatures trying to find way into the free world through the cavity.

The Cavity :

The breach in shield of elements which is expanding and weakening the seal as it grows.

Rubelyn :

Capital OfElron, the richest nation of the age having agricultural lands that feeds almost half the world.

Wind nests :

Home to the flying warrior of winds that time has turned into bandits.

Atlantis :

The submerged city of water gods.

There is a lot more to these lands than what is revealed here. Each landmark has an origin tale of its own. Telling about them in this post would likely give too much away.

Request you to accept my humble invitation to read the tale and find out more.

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